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We Sold a Gajillion Domains in 2016 (Actually, 10,626) – Here’s What We Learned

This content is a little overdue but, shoot, we just got done counting to one gajillion!  Ok, fine.  Doug told me that I couldn’t use “gajillion” anymore in this post.  (But at least I got it in twice…heh!)

The PBNHQ domain marketplace is a monster!  But it’s a very pleasant monster and not the kind that like to reside under beds or inside heads.  When Doug and Steve first introduced me to the marketplace, Domain Ronin, Spamzilla in the middle of last year I smiled and nodded my head.  What I was really thinking was:  Oh shoot, this is more than just a small time operation!

There’s actually a long process that takes place before domains hit the marketplace and by the time it reaches a buyers hands, it’s been reviewed a multiple of times.

(Check out last month's blog post to find out how we used Upwork to scale up and into this tough market!)

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What We Learned by Spending $21,341 in 2016 on Upwork

Greetings fellow, IM’ers and fantastic people!  We are just getting used to writing and typing “2017” around here at PBN HQ and we’re happy as hell to bring you the first of a monthly (at least) blog campaign.  Our in-house accountant, numbers guy, and tracker (Doug) has been busy pulling numbers and checking out how we did in the last year as a business.

Needless to say, there were some huge wins/gains for PBN HQ in 2016, along with some stuff that we want to improve on in the next year.

First up on the agenda…

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Simple Majestic Algorithm Analysis – October 2016 Update

When you process as many domains as we do here at PBN HQ we are lucky to be able to perform higher level analysis on a sample of data that we had just run through Majestic.

As part of our daily process we filter and analyse a large amount of domains. It just so happens we had run 84,623 through Majestic a couple of days prior to them updating their metrics.

These 85,000 domains were ALL TF15+ so the sample of data was not a true sample across the world wide web, but it gives a pretty clear picture on the changes we've observed.

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Majestic TF/CF Ups and Downs and Changes to the PBN HQ Marketplace

In case you didn’t notice, there’s been some anarchy with the Majestic TF/CF recently.

However, judging by the customer service tickets that we’re getting, you most definitely noticed.

I’d like to start off by saying two things:

  1. Thanks for your patience and understanding with the TF/CF yo-yo that’s been going on in our marketplace recently.
  2. Just so everyone is aware:  This IS A MAJESTIC yo-yo.  We’re just reporting the numbers…

Okay, now that that’s out of the way… into the meat of the matter.

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New Free to Use: The Registrar Comparison Tool

I'm starting to think that maybe Doug and Steve were in a car accident together and they hit their heads.  I mean, these two guys keep investing time and money into free tools to make PBN HQ customers live's easier.  I mean, “Seriously?  Another FREE TOOL, guys?”

This time PBN HQ is giving you a tool that is super-duper handy.  It saves you both time and money… and let's face it, those are the two currencies that people are always in need.  The new registrar comparison tool has already been a hit among users and, truth be told, as much as I call them crazy for putting another free SEO tool out there…I've been using the heck out of it as well.

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Free SEO Tools – Wayback Machine Downloader

Whenever we think about this one, we tend to get a little proud.  Heck, let’s change that to “we definitely get prideful”.  This free tool makes us think of our favorite baseball hero hitting a long drive to deep center and the radio play-by-play person yelling “wayback, wayback, waybaaack” into the microphone as the ball sails.

Because that’s exactly what this tool is:  A home-run.

And we don’t mind saying so ourselves.

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Free to Use Tools – Snapshot Generator

There's no better way to know what your spouse will look like in 20 to 30 years then to take a look at their parents now, right?  On the same hand, but different digit, have you ever had a worn-down older person show you a picture of them when they were younger?  Maybe they were gorgeous… Maybe not so much.  The point is:  A picture says a thousand words… It's true.  An image or photo will tell us things about a person, the world we live in, and even old PBN domains that we could never know just by looking at the outside numbers and dimensions (metrics).

We've known for a while that after all the SPAM checking is done.  After all the CFs, TFs, anchors, links, and content of a site have been dissected and gathered; there's really only one fool proof way to know if the domain that you're planning on linking to your money site is going to sink it or bang it to the top.

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Free to Use Tools – Bulk Domain Checker

We’re super proud of our free to use tools here at PBN HQ so this series of blog posts will feature one of the three free tools that we think you’ll like about our site. The first one we will be covering is our bulk domain checker – a free and simple way to check the availability of large domain lists.

Gone are the days when you should have to open 3 or 4 tabs up on your computer to use all of the best free tools out there for your SEO efforts.  You remember what it was like, don’t you?

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Why You Should Choose Amazon Associates to Conquer All (and some Game of Thrones References)

Before you need a good affiliate program, you need traffic or a quality conversion rate.  Preferably, both.

There are tons of ways to get traffic and rise in the SERPs (“dominate” the SERPS is what you’ll read in most SEO sales pitches).  White, Gray, Black.  As colorful as the world is today, we internet rangers have opted to use the dullest of colors to define our effort.

Why not Green, Amber, and Red?  These are the things I dwell on. If you’re looking solely on the surface, being an Amazon affiliate has a lot of offer.   I think the case can be made (rather easily) why Amazon Associates is better than the rest…

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PBN Domain Marketplace – Updates

Here at PBN HQ we've been listening to your feedback and working hard to make sure that not only can you buy cheap PBN domains that are clean and powerful, but that your buying process is effortless.

We've had some great feedback – which we always listen to, and I wanted to cover three important updates in this quick article.

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