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Free to Use Tools – Bulk Domain Checker

We’re super proud of our free to use tools here at PBN HQ so this series of blog posts will feature one of the three free tools that we think you’ll like about our site. The first one we will be covering is our bulk domain checker – a free and simple way to check the availability of large domain lists.

Gone are the days when you should have to open 3 or 4 tabs up on your computer to use all of the best free tools out there for your SEO efforts.  You remember what it was like, don’t you?

Check domains on one open tab, then “alt-tab” to the next tab to check out archive snapshots and do some preliminary SPAM checking.  Then, once you decided that the domain and its history were clean you either needed a different tool, different site, or outsource help to download the WayBack data and build your PBN domain from there.

That sucked!

So, now, here’s where PBN HQ came into the fold. We make things suck a lot less for you!

We’ve been there.  We knew wanted tools all in one place that were powerful.  It would just make our lives easier.  We knew that you’d like these too.  So, we bundled them up all in one tight little group.

Let’s start with the Availability Checker

So, let’s say you’ve come to PBN HQ looking for the market place and all of the powerful and clean expired domains that we have there.  Yeah, we know, awesome.  But, then you’re all like “Shoot, I have all these domains already that I don’t even know if they’re available.  I should probably work through those first”.Availability Checker


Use the PBN Availability Checker and load up to 1,000 domains at a time to check availability.  It’s a powerful tool that will bulk check all of those domains that you’ve been meaning to something with all this time.

BULK DOMAIN CHECKER Check Domain Availability

Even if you’re just doing domain research the Availability Checker is a super handy tool to have at your disposal for free.  If you’ve been brainstorming domain names for a new money site idea, then the availability checker will tell you right off the bat which ones are available and which ones are not. This is a huge time saver.

Beyond all of this, the Availability Checker is a valuable who is checker as well!

Here’s how the FREE Availability (WhoIS) Checker Works:

Once that’s complete you’ll get a separate box below the checker that indicates “Latest Jobs Run”.  This will tell you the job number, the date and time it was run (important if you need to go back and re-check availability), the Status, and “Results”.  It will look like this after you have just hit “submit”:

Bulk Domain Checker - Pending Status

After Running the Job:

Once the job is complete you’ll have an indicator in the upper right hand of your screen near at the alerts or “” icon.

You’ll also see that the status has changed to a green “finishes” with further options to “View” and “Export CSV” in case you’ve run in bulk or want to filter, sort, or file it.

The result should look like the screen shot below:

Finish Job WhoIs


It’s amazingly fast, too, as we’re sure you’ll appreciate.  Your time, like ours, is valuable, so we’ve developed tools that are super effective and efficient.

Are you impressed with the free Availability Checker (bulk domain checkeryet?  Yeah, we figured you might be.  Next blog post we’ll take a look at another FREE tool that we’ve provided and are super proud of, “The Snapshot Generator”.

Stay Tuned…

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