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About Us

Let's face it – the domain buying market can be pretty intimidating and just as spammy as other areas of internet marketing.

If you're here, you know the power of private networks, but you're wondering who you can trust when it comes to getting those powerful domains you need to rank.

PBN HQ was born out of our own frustration with the marketplace.

You can buy power, you can buy clean, but you can rarely buy both. And if you can get both, the prices can be so high it's hardly worth it.

We only sell domains that we would be comfortable having in our own networks, and that means our metrics are solid and our link profiles are ultra clean. And oh yeah, you can't beat our prices for the value we provide.

We're experienced domain finders. Each of our networks has dozens of high quality sites that are ranking us for a healthy dose of money-making keywords. In fact, neither of us have ‘real' jobs thanks to the success of our online pursuits and business ventures.

Your repeat business is the most important metric for us, so we will not sell you a load of garbage just to get rid of our first batch of domains and move on with a few bucks in our pockets. If you don't come back for more or tell your friends about us, we haven't done our job.

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