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Majestic TF/CF Ups and Downs and Changes to the PBN HQ Marketplace

In case you didn’t notice, there’s been some anarchy with the Majestic TF/CF recently.

However, judging by the customer service tickets that we’re getting, you most definitely noticed.

I’d like to start off by saying two things:

  1. Thanks for your patience and understanding with the TF/CF yo-yo that’s been going on in our marketplace recently.
  2. Just so everyone is aware:  This IS A MAJESTIC yo-yo.  We’re just reporting the numbers…

Okay, now that that’s out of the way… into the meat of the matter.

The Writing Has Been on the Wall

We started noticing the yo-yo about a month ago.  It’s kind of easy for us to notice these things at PBN HQ.  As you know, our prices are based on TF/CF and just seeing those prices, income, and some complaints here and there from customers in the buying process was a pretty good indicator to us that something was up.

Sub-Domain vs Root Domain Changes

Prior to the Majestic update, we were listing domains at their highest metrics.  That is, if the sub domain was stronger than the root, that’s what we were listing.  This was just basic practice.  You used domains at their peak capability for your PBNs.  Right?  Who wouldn’t?  Power and authority along with non-spammy domains equals rankings..

Well, Mr. Dixon Jones kind of blew that out of the water in the last Majestic blog post by saying:

The important thing is not to compare different types. Never compare Subdomain level metric with a URL or Root domain metric.

If you are buying or selling domains, don’t evaluate at the sub-domain level if you are buying a Top Level Domain.


You have been informed.

Changes to the PBN HQ Marketplace

Like stated before, in the past we had been listing the domains at their strongest metrics (whether root or sub domain) and then listing only those metrics.  We have now implemented the following change to the marketplace:

You can now sort and choose domains based on TF and CF of the root and sub-domain.  The price per domain will still be based on the stronger metric domain level.  It looks like the screen shot below:


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