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Free SEO Tools – Wayback Machine Downloader

Whenever we think about this one, we tend to get a little proud.  Heck, let’s change that to “we definitely get prideful”.  This free tool makes us think of our favorite baseball hero hitting a long drive to deep center and the radio play-by-play person yelling “wayback, wayback, waybaaack” into the microphone as the ball sails.

Because that’s exactly what this tool is:  A home-run.

And we don’t mind saying so ourselves.

So, what’s so special about the PBN HQ Wayback Machine Downloader?

Well, here’s a few things we’d like to point out.

It’s FREE. Yeah, if you’re a member of the PBN HQ team then you get the Wayback Machine Downloader at no cost to you.  None.

It’s simple to use.  First, you input a domain that you want to query the database for, select a date, and hit submit.  See?  It doesn’t get any easier than that.  This isn’t cardio, or anything.  It’s all good!

After that you’ll see the job below in you “Exports” section with the job number, domain, the date, “download isn’t ready yet” under the Download column, and a Pending status.

WayBack Download Free SEO tools Submission

Go ahead, and refresh that page you’re on now and then you’ll see the screen shot below.  Your alerts icon “” will have your indicator of a completed job, and the statuses will change from “download isn’t ready yet” to the option to Download and the status will be “Finished”.

Wayback Downloader Free SEO tools PBN HQ Completed

So, what do you get after having to input some domains and click a submit button?  That’s the best part!  The software will a nice little folder of downloaded data from to include a full HTML version of the content for the domain and date you selected.

Wayback Machine Downloader Access the Free Downloader

Awesome, right?  Like we said “Waaaaybaaaack….HOME RUN, PBN HQ!”

So, then you take that neatly packaged little HTML file and upload it up to your next PBN site that you probably just bought from the PBNHQ Domain Marketplace or found it yourself with the World’s Greatest Domain Crawler, Domain Ronin

Of course, we’d always recommend checking that content to make sure that it still isn’t indexed somewhere or that someone didn’t already pull it and post it, but in most cases, what you’ll have is a newly registered, formerly expired domain that is clean of SPAM and has powerful metrics with a re-reinstatement of the old content… That is now unique content that was already looked upon with favor in the eyes of the search engines.

And the crowd goes wild…

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