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We Sold a Gajillion Domains in 2016 (Actually, 10,626) – Here’s What We Learned

This content is a little overdue but, shoot, we just got done counting to one gajillion!  Ok, fine.  Doug told me that I couldn’t use “gajillion” anymore in this post.  (But at least I got it in twice…heh!)

The PBNHQ domain marketplace is a monster!  But it’s a very pleasant monster and not the kind that like to reside under beds or inside heads.  When Doug and Steve first introduced me to the marketplace, Domain Ronin, Spamzilla in the middle of last year I smiled and nodded my head.  What I was really thinking was:  Oh shoot, this is more than just a small time operation!

There’s actually a long process that takes place before domains hit the marketplace and by the time it reaches a buyers hands, it’s been reviewed a multiple of times.

(Check out last month's blog post to find out how we used Upwork to scale up and into this tough market!)

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What We Learned by Spending $21,341 in 2016 on Upwork

Greetings fellow, IM’ers and fantastic people!  We are just getting used to writing and typing “2017” around here at PBN HQ and we’re happy as hell to bring you the first of a monthly (at least) blog campaign.  Our in-house accountant, numbers guy, and tracker (Doug) has been busy pulling numbers and checking out how we did in the last year as a business.

Needless to say, there were some huge wins/gains for PBN HQ in 2016, along with some stuff that we want to improve on in the next year.

First up on the agenda…

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