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Free SEO Tools – Wayback Machine Downloader

Whenever we think about this one, we tend to get a little proud.  Heck, let’s change that to “we definitely get prideful”.  This free tool makes us think of our favorite baseball hero hitting a long drive to deep center and the radio play-by-play person yelling “wayback, wayback, waybaaack” into the microphone as the ball sails.

Because that’s exactly what this tool is:  A home-run.

And we don’t mind saying so ourselves.

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Free to Use Tools – Bulk Domain Checker

We’re super proud of our free to use tools here at PBN HQ so this series of blog posts will feature one of the three free tools that we think you’ll like about our site. The first one we will be covering is our bulk domain checker – a free and simple way to check the availability of large domain lists.

Gone are the days when you should have to open 3 or 4 tabs up on your computer to use all of the best free tools out there for your SEO efforts.  You remember what it was like, don’t you?

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Avoiding Hosting Footprints

Inadvertently leave a footprint across your PBN sites and you’ll more than likely wake up one morning with all your sites wiped out from the Google index.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again, where marketers (like you and I) cut corners and shortcut the build out process.

Unfortunately the only thing you are taking a shortcut to is the de-indexing of your network.

To help you understand more about footprints and what you should be doing to mitigate them I’ve managed to schedule some time with Dejan – owner of EBN, a very useful service that I’ve used with great success.

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