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PBN Domain Marketplace – Updates

Here at PBN HQ we've been listening to your feedback and working hard to make sure that not only can you buy cheap PBN domains that are clean and powerful, but that your buying process is effortless.

We've had some great feedback – which we always listen to, and I wanted to cover three important updates in this quick article.

Backlink Information

We tell people all the time to buy based on backlinks. This puts us in a difficult situation because the domains we sell are deleted domains; meaning anyone can register them. If we listed the back links it gives away what the domain is – so we don't want to do that. What we have done is reached a compromise by displaying the ten most powerful back-links to the domain (partially obscured) and showing the Trust Flow and Citation Flow of both the domain and the linking URL.

You can view this table by simply clicking on the URL in the marketplace. If you click on one and see no back-links – it may be we haven't processed that domain yet, so check back in an hour or so.


Majestic and Moz Metric History

No-one likes to have the metrics drop on them when they set up a new PBN site, but it's completely out of our control.

That doesn't mean it's something that should be ignored, and we are confident many of you will find this graph very reassuring.

We track the last 10 days values for TF, CF, DA and PA so you can see that the domain you are buying has consistent metrics for the past ten day period. To see this graph, click on the metrics values and it will pop up in a modal window. In the example below, we've only been tracking this data for 3 days, so that's all you will see. In a weeks time, many of the domains will have the full ten day window.


One Click Deployment to EBN

We're big fans of Easy Blog Networks and the quality service they provide. For people who have an account with them, once you've entered your credentials in the Integrations Form you will be able to setup and publish a WordPress blog onto your new domain with a single click.


Simply click Deploy to EBN – you'll then be emailed your WordPress admin account and password as well as the name-server records you need to set when you register your domain.

Both Doug and I hope these new features really add some extra value to you – and of course if you have any more feedback or idea's we'll be more than happy to consider – and implement the best ones.

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