Avoiding Hosting Footprints

Inadvertently leave a footprint across your PBN sites and you’ll more than likely wake up one morning with all your sites wiped out from the Google index.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again, where marketers (like you and I) cut corners and shortcut the build out process.

Unfortunately the only thing you are taking a shortcut to is the de-indexing of your network.

To help you understand more about footprints and what you should be doing to mitigate them I’ve managed to schedule some time with Dejan – owner of EBN, a very useful service that I’ve used with great success.

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Setting Up Your New Domain for Insane Power

After several hours of sorting through a handful of domains, bidding on them and spam checking them, you’ve managed to acquire a tasty domain with awesome metrics. Or maybe you’ve decided the auction process (or manual scrapping) isn’t an effective use of your time so you decided to pick up a few domains from us here at PBN HQ.

In any case, you’re ready to rip. The question becomes:

How do I setup my domain to maximize the juice in my PBN while keeping a low profile?

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How to Quickly Index Your Site in Google

A lot of the time when you’re buying an expired domain, you’ll find that the site isn’t indexed (unless you buy one of our domains, which we guarantee will get indexed).

Is this reason enough to pass on the site and move on? No way.

Sure, there are some cases when you’ll do everything right and the site still won’t come back, but we’re finding that those are few and far between, especially if you’ve determined the domain is clean by doing a proper spam check.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Spam Checking Expired Domains

Spam checking is probably the most integral part of purchasing expired domains. It doesn’t matter if you buy domains from us, another broker or you’re finding them yourself, you’re going to want to make sure they’re adequately spam checked.

I’ve been there. I bought a domain I thought was free of spam only to find Chinese anchor text which translated to “click here for a harder erection” lurking on a sub page of the domain. Ouch!

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