What makes the PBN HQ domains so special?

PBN HQ only sells the cleanest high-metric domains. Unlike other brokers, we take the time to check every conceivable angle to check for signs of spam (including previous SEO). We reject over 99.99% of the domains we come across, even if they've got amazing metrics, because we know how important a pure network is to your success online. To recap, here's why our domains are so special:

  • Guaranteed Powerful and High-Metric
  • Guaranteed Ultra Clean
  • Image Snapshots of the Archive.org History
  • Incredible Prices

Why should I trust that your domains are clean?

Our spam-checking techniques are meticulous. Have a look over our shoulder by reading our Comprehensive Guide to Spam Checking Expired Domains. We use Google searches, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, Archive.org, and a lot of experience to check these domains. We've ranked enough sites and built enough networks to know what's going to help you crush it in Google and what won't cut it. 

I thought Google slapped Expired Domain Networks. Aren't they dead?

Big G is a master at PR and creating fear amongst the community. If they hit some of the bigger players hard, the trickle down effect will scare away a LOT of people who aren't quite sure about what they're doing.

However, based on our rankings (personal and of clients), we KNOW Private Networks still work, and we have no reason to believe they will stop working. You see, whether you get a link from someone on the net legitimately or if you build it on an expired domain you own, the link is still equally as powerful, as long as you've set your expired domain up right (which we tell you how to do here).

How would Google know that your expired domain isn't just another high quality link coming from a related blogger or webmaster?

The key is making your network PRIVATE and setting it up SMARTLY without footprints. And honestly, it's not that tough. Basically, now that a lot of the smaller guys have been scared away or wiped out, the competition is as low as it's been in awhile. It is PRIME time for you to jump in and get your private network started.

Domains Marketplace

How can I sort a column in ascending / descending order?

This can easily be done by clicking on any column heading where up and down arrows are displayed. Column Sorting

How can I filter one of the domain metrics columns?

By using the “greater than” or “less than” characters e.g. ‘>' or ‘<‘, you can filter the data in any column with an input box at the top.  For example if you need to filter for domains with a LRD higher than 10 you would use “>9”, without the quotes.Column Filter

What do the blue and yellow LRD colours mean?

We review both the Ahrefs and Majestic linking root domains (LRD) and list the highest LRD for each domain.  Blue relates to Ahrefs and Yellow relates to Majestic.  From reviewing millions of domains, we've found that Ahrefs has the biggest index, but sometimes Majestic has indexed links which Ahrefs has missed.  This way we're combining the data from Ahrefs and Majestic.LRD Column Colours

What spam checking process do you follow?

We use data from Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz and Archive.org (WayBack Machine).  We've detailed the full process in this blog post here http://www.pbnhq.com/spam-checking-expired-domains/.

How do I only show domains specific to my niche?

You have multiple options when filtering the domains for your niche.  Firstly, you can use the main search box at the top of the page.  If you are only interested to see domains that Majestic has included in your niche, then type your niche into the box at the top of the Topics column.  If you are only interested in showing domains whose previous site was in your niche, then type your niche into the Archive Topic column.Topic Filter

How does the checkout process work?

When will my domains get delivered?

Your domains are delivered to you instantly.  If you have funds in your account, your domains will appear under the “Domains” section in your profile.  Click or tap on your email address in the top right area of the navigation bar, a menu will appear, click on “Domains”.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

Yes! We offer discounts when ordering 6 or 10 domains at a time.  If you add 6 domains to your shopping cart a 10% discount will be automatically applied, if you order more than 10 you'll get a 20% discount.

What guarantee do you provide for the domains I purchase?

We do our very best to make sure that all the domains we sell are as spam free as possible.  Even so we understand that issues can occur.  If you receive a domain you're not happy with, please contact us straight away.  We'll go through the domain data with you and see where the issue is.  If we also determine there is a problem, we can provide a credit back to your account, allowing you to select another domain.

What is the best way to quickly index the domains I just purchased?

There are the few methods we use to get our PBN domains indexed as quickly as possible after purchasing them.  We've outlined these methods in this blog post https://www.pbnhq.com/quickly-index-expired-domains/.

What is the difference between the Topics and Archive Topic columns?

The Topics column relates to the topical Trust Flow that Majestic has assigned to this domains backlinks.  The Archive Topic column is what we've determined to be the topic of the old site from reviewing the domain in the WayBack Machine.

Are all the domains in the marketplace currently available?

Yes.  We run automated jobs to check the availability of all domains in the database every 12hrs.  Our platform will automatically remove a domain from the marketplace if its registered.

What does the language column tell me?

When we review the old sites in the WayBack Machine we note down what was the main language used.

Can I see a preview of a domain?

Sorry no.  As all domains we sell are free to be registered by anyone, we're unable to provide domain previews.

What does the updated column tell me?

As mentioned we check the availabity of all domains constantly, we also update the metrics for our domains on a constant basis, each time we check any data for a domain we not the time.

How do I change my password?

If you click or tap on your account email address in the top right of the navigation bar, you'll see a password reset option is available.